Our Story

What is LUCHA?

Lucha Cantina was opened in 2007 by a Minnetonka, MN native named Chuck Holcomb. The idea behind Lucha was to make fresh, natural, fabulous Mexican food & drink that doesn’t kill your wallet or your health. Lucha developed quite a following among locals and guests alike, serving a simple menu of burritos, tacos, and all-juice margaritas. People like us because we use honest ingredients, pour REALLY honest drinks, and charge honest prices.

Our Story

Chuck and his buddy Chris Verikas, a Southbury, CT native, found the Historic Red Ram restaurant and thought it would be a fine idea to open a bigger, badder Lucha in the tiny mountain town of Georgetown, Colorado. Lucha Georgetown opened in December of 2011 and the city has never been happier.In 2013, Chuck’s friend and former colleague Joshua Binning opened a brand spankin’ new Lucha in Rockford, Illinois. Lucha Cantina Rockford is a beautiful space, with a wonderful, comfortable bar and a huge patio.

“Life has been pretty darn good so far. We have people visiting us from all over Colorado and the world, drawn to our unique takes on Mexican and American favorites. It is interesting how far people will drive for good, fresh food.”

So what are we up to in the kitchen? Lucha makes almost everything we serve in house. It is that simple. We use only pure, natural ingredients. (We do buy tortillas, kids chicken tenders and sweet potato fries from outside vendors, mostly because we couldn’t figure out how to make them right.) No lard, no MSG, nothing partially-hydrogenated. We don’t like that stuff at all. Good meats & veggies, from as close to home as we could find. Our beef is grass-fed and braised for six hours. Our chicken is free of everything not natural, as nature intended. We use fresh kale, zucchini, and broccoli in our veggie blend. Ever had kale at a Mexican restaurant? We serve it because we dig it, and it is super tasty. We make our salsas, dressings, and sauces every day, from fresh produce & spices. Again, no icky stuff.

Lucha also uses to-go containers made from sugar cane and corn. They are compostable, recycled, and expensive. Sometimes we might charge a few dimes for to-go boxes. We figured you wouldn’t mind spending some loose change to keep Styrofoam out of the landfill.
Lastly, and most importantly, Lucha uses only real juices in our cocktails. That means none of that nasty sweet and sour syrup in our margaritas. Our strawberry margs have, wait for it, real strawberries. The Lucha experience is as natural as we can get it from start to finish.

Make it a Lucha road trip, and visit all four of our restaurants. We recommend starting in Rockford, making your way out to Colorado Springs and Littleton CO, and ending up in Georgetown. Ending a trip in Georgetown is its own reward. If you need directions, call us.
We sincerely thank you for your business. This is a whole bunch of fun for us. I hope it shows.

Please come back soon!

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